Easy Home Improvements That Add Value...

D. Shane Whitteker is the chief mortgage broker and owner at Principle Home Mortgage in State College. He specializes in helping to guide his clients through each step of the mortgage process. Sometimes his mortgage clients must sell a home before they can buy a new one.

“A big part of successfully selling your home lies in its appearance,” Whitteker says. “If you’re selling your home, small improvements can go a long way towards adding value.”

Clean Up Exterior

In State College home sales and across the state of Pennsylvania, landscaping is a vital component of a home’s curb appeal.

“Landscaping should look well-kept,” Whitteker says. “Give the exterior of your home a fresh coat of paint. The exterior is the first impression of your house and having it look tidy and fresh can go a long way to attracting buyers.”

Kitchens And Bathrooms

Do your cabinets have stains or mismatching hardware? Are the colors outdated? Simply paint cabinets and update sinks and hardware. Even a fresh new paint color on the walls can make these rooms look brand new.


Simple, updated fixtures to more modern designs look clean and attractive. Replace lightbulbs throughout the whole house to energy efficient bulbs. This helps lower utility bills and is a win-win for you and the potential buyer.

Deep Clean Your Home; First Impressions Matter

There is no way around it. You want visitors and potential buyers to notice how clean and bright your home is. Deep cleaning is more than dusting and vacuuming. It is a comprehensive de-cluttering; cleaning in and around appliances and freshening up your furniture. Deep cleaning can be a process so take heart and be patient. Enlist the help of family and friends and complete one room at a time. A clean home helps attract buyers and may help you snag a few extra dollars.

Care For Windows

Clean and inspect your windows. Inspect them for air or water leaks. Ensure each window opens and closes and has sturdy, working locks. Buyers want a secure home that allows for good natural lighting.

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Nothing screams “DATED” more than popcorn ceilings. Removing the popcorn ceiling gives the home a clean, modern look and can help raise the value. It is important to remember that if your home was built between the 1970’s-1980’s it could contain asbestos, so you want to be sure to call a professional to inspect it before you removed.

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